Our Story

Our Story

Trellis Bliss is a part  of Trellis Horticulture International founded in 2011. We are one of the leading suppliers of horticultural products globally for different customer segments. We primarily deal with coir products, which is exported to 27+ countries, across 6 continents.

Our rich heritage in the horticulture industry and coir products has led us to develop our expertise in introducing innovative gardening products. Our main objective is to make gardening easy, clean and portable for everyone.

We currently offer a remarkable range of gardening products in various categories. With our world-class Research & Development Center employing horticultural experts, we’re always working on putting together new products for you to choose the right products for gardening the easiest way. Our research and development works on the principle of bringing products that are easy and ready for use, as well as maintenance free.

Why we are doing this

With the goal to bring greenery into every home and office, Bliss brings products and services that are easy to adapt. Indoor gardening will enable you to have plants closer to you. Studies have shown the positive effects of having plants closer. They can improve your patience, perseverance and productivity.

Majority of our products are natural, eco-friendly and completely biodegradable and made from natural raw materials. Our products help you reduce your carbon foot-print.



Horticulture Expertize

We have in-house Horticulture experts to guide you through your gardening journey

Clean Gardening

Our products are hand crafted to enable clean gardening indoors

Low Maintenance

Organic potting mix enables you to save water


All our products are lightweight and durable

Our Strength

  • Designed & Developed with in house horticulture expert
  • Organic certified products
  • Well known in international market