Our Story


Trellis Bliss aims to create 7 billion happy people in the world through planting and gardening.

“We believe plant growing can become an integral part of us because it enhances the quality of life.”

Trellis Bliss is a brand of Trellis Horticulture International. Trellis Horticulture is one of the leading suppliers of application-centric and sustainable horticultural products to ornamental nurseries around the world. Trellis Bliss brings about internationally accepted products and services that enable easy gardening for beginners as well as experienced gardeners in India.

Our objective is to just not to sell you products, we want to help you realize how easy planting and gardening can be. So, we set up a Research and Development center with a team of horticultural experts to assist us with providing you with products and solutions that enable easy gardening. The products and kits we have been carefully curated after each of them have been tried and tested in our lab and greenhouse ensuring the performance and ease of usage.

Our goal is to make gardening easy so everyone can take it up as a hobby, age no bar! We aim to learn from you all every day and continue improving our products and services to enable an easy gardening experience. All our products are made from naturally available resources making them eco-friendly to use.


We have researched and developed all our products enabling an ease of usage by beginner and pro alike
All our products are light-in weight from our soil mix to the planter & accessories. Don’t have to break your back gardening!
The products come with simple instructions that can be followed easily. It makes maintenance easy
Each and every planter is handmade by skilled women in south India. The soil is hand-mixed and the fertilizers are cold pressed
Our products are made from resources that are completely natural – Coconut Coir, Husk Chips, Bamboo, Jute, Reed, Cane, Sabai & Golden Grass
All the products are compostable and they biodegrade over a period of time