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Vermicompost (vermi-compost) is made by breaking down the organic material through the use of worms. Vermicompost contains water-soluble nutrients and is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner.

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Vermicompost is the original organic fertilizer on earth! It is made by breaking down the organic material through the use of worms.

Vermicompost improves the biological, chemical, and physical properties of the soil. The worms break down soil and organic matter, so the nutrients are immediately available to plants. Vermicompost enhances plant growth, suppresses disease in plants, increases porosity and microbial activity in the soil, and improves water retention and aeration

Bliss Vermicompost has a granular texture, which is considered to be the purest form of compost. It is packed in a reusable jute bag

All you have to do is Mix compost directly in with potting soil/Sand or put a layer of compost on top of the soil.

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  1. Enhances germination, plant growth, and crop yields – it’s an excellent option for when you first plant seeds
  2. Improves root health and structure – it gives extra nutrients to the soil and plants
  3. Enriches soil with beneficial microorganisms – worm excrement has over 60 micronutrients and trace minerals, including calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphates, and potash
  4. Assists with water retention- it has impressive water retention capabilities. Just adding it to the soil will help keep the water in the soil.