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Coco coir/Coir pith or Coco peat is the versatile organic growing medium made from 100% natural and sustainable coir fibre harvested from coconut outer shells. Coco Pith is an excellent growing medium for plants. It is a set of 3 bricks

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Coco peat is also known as coir pith, is made from coconut husks. Coco peat primarily consists of the coir fiber pith or coir dust which is obtained by processing coconut husk and removing the long fibers.

Coco coir is one of the most effective growing media with water retention capacity. It can absorb up to 10x its weight in water, so the roots of your plants will never get dehydrated. Ideal growing media for plants and can be used for horticultural and agricultural applications.

All you have to do to use coir pith is place it in a bucket and add about 2.5 to 3 liters of water per brick. Then simply wait until the brick expands and slowly fluff it until the media loosens. Weighing 650 gms, each coco peat brick expands 15 times in size – about 8-10 liters of media per block.

It is a set of 3 bricks


  1. It is a 100% natural by-product of harvesting coconut that used to be disposed of, thus making it both eco-friendly and sustainable
  2. Retains moisture for longer, thus reducing watering frequency
  3. It is perfect for all types of plants including fruits, flowers, vegetables, bonsai, cactus, orchid, roses, succulents, mushrooms, and hydroponics
  4. Coir pith is thoroughly washed with fresh water and a quality check is enforced for low EC and neutral pH range
  5. Each brick expands to about 8-10 liters per brick. This is a set of 3 bricks

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