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Grow amazing indoor plants with our organic garden soil mix. It is ready to use a soil-less mixture that can be used directly to grow your plants, Succulents, repotting, vegetables, and flowers. The product weighs only 4.3kg which is about 10 liters! It is a blend of 8+ ingredients.

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International standards of measure for Garden Soil should be liters only! All the ingredients used in the soil are low in density!

Using the garden soil instead of the regular soil is recommended since the regular soil is heavy and might not have the required nutrients, it is difficult to unearth and handle.

Bliss Garden Soil is an organic soil substitute enabling ease of gardening. The soil mix serves as the growing medium for plants, flowers, and vegetables. It is enriched with micro and macronutrients that are essential for the growth of plants.

It is a soil-less organic blend of 8+ ingredients like coco peat (Excellent water retention capacity), perlite (enables better water drainage), compost (organic compost), liquid fertilizers, and hormones (nutrients and supplements), Beneficial Microbes and Minerals.

Each component is mixed for perfect root establishment and plant growth with these materials we reduced the weight of the product completely, making it light in weight and better aerated! The soil will email fluffy throughout unlike regular soil the red sand that hardens up and becomes cakey.

Switch to our Potting Soil and get a healthy yield from your plants!

Trellis Bliss is a full-service store to buy all kinds of organic gardening products online at incredible prices. You can also explore the other products on our website.


  • Light textured and well aerated and is ready to use right out of the bag making it the perfect all-purpose potting soil for indoor and outdoor gardening
  • The mix allows for maximum nutrient uptake and is fluffy, well-aerated with coco peat, perlite, compost, fertilizers, and hormones for optimal root growth
  • Excellent water retention capacity and absorptive texture ensuring vigorous growth
  • It contains micro and macronutrients, which are essential for the growth of plants

Why do we sell Garden Soil Mix in Litres rather than Kgs

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Anirk KAnirk K
05:04 24 Dec 21
I got a few planters and their potting Mix. Started Gardening during the lockdown while setting up home office. The Garden Mix is so nice and not heavy. All I have to is water the plants. The planters are also very nice and light!I would recommend the garden Soil and the plant pots!
RADHIKA apriciaRADHIKA apricia
11:03 19 Aug 21
It's great I bought these pots from TrellisBliss and now they are adding grace and charm to my study table!! Their ready to use natural soil is also such an asset to my little garden.
Manisha VermaManisha Verma
07:07 06 Jul 21
Very prompt and sincere service provided . Product is also excellent.
Bimba b rBimba b r
14:57 15 Apr 21
Nice shopping experience with Trellis Bliss. I tried the coir creeper pole and installing it was so easy with the plant. Lightweight and good quality.
Geena ArmstrongGeena Armstrong
13:09 14 Mar 21
Received their Garden soil. Prompt delivery. And the soil looks awesome. Just waiting to plant.

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