Organic Neem Oil


Our neem oil enriched with Azadirachtin is extracted from the neem seed kernels using the cold-pressed method. This helps retain all the well-balanced nutrients within itself.

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Trellis Bliss Neem Oil is 100% cold-pressed pure, natural, and sustainably sourced. Neem oil is derived from the seeds of the neem tree through a process called cold press extraction which ensures the highest quality end-product. The main active ingredient in neem oil is azadirachtin. This is completely safe to handle and biodegradable. Regular foliar application of our Neem Oil will ensure your plants remain healthy from seed to harvest.

Neem has hundreds of different uses and is especially popular with indoor plants. Use it as a natural leaf shine to keep the foliage looking lush and dust-free. Wiping down your plant’s foliage on a regular basis removes dust that can limit the plant’s ability to photosynthesize.

Neem oil is also a natural pest deterrent, it can be used to manage pests like Aphids, Mealy Bug, Mites, Scale and Fungus Gnats. It’s completely safe to use around children and pets and won’t harm any beneficial insects like bees, butterflies and ladybugs.

So all you have to do is mix 5 to 7 ml of neem oil into a liter of water and spray on the plants. If the infection is severe repeat the spray once or twice at a week interval.

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  1. Neem oil is 100% Cold-pressed pure Organic Neem Oil, completely natural, totally free of chemicals
  2. High in Azadirachtin content making it very effective on Indoor/ Outdoor Plant
  3. Readily biodegradable and does not leave harsh residues behind 
  4. Harmless to plants and maintain the stability of soil fertility
  5. Protects your plants from Insects and Fungus
  6. Use it as a natural leaf shine to keep the foliage looking lush and dust-free