Research & Development

Shortly after our inception in 2011, we realized that this industry needed a player who had the expertise to provide a wide range of specific and often customized product solutions that would address the uniqueness of climatic and geographical conditions prevalent across the global market, without compromising on effectiveness or on sustainability criteria.

This early learning led to the start of our research and development section, which became a more intensive need as time went by, heralding the launch of our Product Development Centre. Today, this is where we initiate and lead all research efforts. It’s here we design products, conduct samplings, develop packaging, perform testing and gain approvals from various stake-holders and certification agencies, in order to go to market. Our products are, in fact, certified by organic agencies such as Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) and are organic compliant.

Our world-class R&D center has helped us create a preference for our brand offering in the global horticultural industry, by specializing and developing customized products. Our product range includes not only a vast range of growing media & fillers, but also natural grow bags, seed starters, garden accessories, and planters.

Further, our rich heritage in horticulture products and coir pith has led us to develop expertise in introducing innovative gardening products. Through 15+ years of experience in export markets, we have learned the importance of user-friendly packaging and timely deliveries for all our clients.