The Green Lady – Program

  • What is The Green Lady Program?
    TGL Program is a program for women to earn money via commissions by selling our products within their communities of friends, families, and acquaintances. You can earn a set commission for each order generated through your referral code
  • How Does it Work?
  1. Sign Up for the green lady program 
  2. We will be sharing the product catalog along with the price list
  3. Promote our products through Blogs, Website & Social Media, whats app, telegram
  4. Drive Traffic and Sales through your Affiliate code on our website. 
  5.  Get Compensation for your Referral
  • Where can you promote Trellis Bliss?
    You can promote us anywhere online ranging from your Website, Blog, Forums, Email Marketing lists, online communities, or any other suitable place where you feel that makes sense. We also recommend using social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Quora & Twitter
  • Who Can Join This Program
    We invite 18+ women from all over India to join the program – Housewives, Blogger, Internet Marketer, Influencer, anyone
  • Will Trellis Bliss help you with Promotions?
    Absolutely. We keep updating our website & Social Media with new banners, offers, products, and other marketing materials that will help you convert sales with ease. We will also offer you newsletters that keep you up to date with our latest products, innovations, and accolades
  • What are the benefits of this program?
  1. Zero Inventory – You don’t need to stock our products
  2. Hassle-Free Shipping – We handle  the logistics completely
  3. Order Tracking – You can track the orders generated through your code
  • Terms and Conditions
  1. There will be no signup fee or cost.
  2. You may get products for trial if needed
  3. You have to share the feedback videos and pictures for the products
  4. Opportunity to work with our R&D for product development & improvement

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